Venice is a historical city in northeast Italy sited on a group of 118 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. It is renowned for the beauty of its setting, its architecture and its artworks, and is thus a very popular tourist destination.

Venice is readily accessible either by train or through two airports:

It is the easiest to move around Venice using its convenient Waterbus (ferry) service (weekly pass is at 50 EUR), which also directly connects to the Marco Polo Airport (about 30' ride). The fare for a dedicated water taxi (ALILAGUNA) from the Marco Polo Airport to Venice hotels is 15 EUR. Standard water taxis are also available at higher rates.

A summary of relevant waterbus routes and airport connections is available here.

The venue is at the premises of the University of Nova Gorica located in the ex Convento dei Servi di Maria, Campo della Chiesa 3, island of sant'Elena (denoted with a red dot). Waterbus stops are denoted by blue dots.

More on travel to/around Venice can be found here.

Suggested Accommodation

Hotel bookings/payments and transportation to/from the airport to the conference site and back should be arranged directly by the participants. There is plenty of accommodation in Venice with a variety of prices, however, with respect to the proximity of the venue site, the recommended hotels are:
  • Hotel Sant'Elena (sant'Elena island)
    Single room: 82 EUR/night
    Double room: 94 EUR/night
    Double room, single use: 89 EUR/night
    (This hotel is the closest one to the venue site. Special prices are provided for TAM2013 and include breakfast and IVA. A limited number of 14 rooms available for TAM2013)

  • Hotel Hungaria (Lido)
    Double room: 80 EUR/night
    Double room, single use: 60 EUR/night
    (This hotel one vaporetto stop from the venue site. Special prices are provided for TAM2013 if there are sufficient bookings. Room prices include breakfast and IVA.)

  • Hotel Villa Edera (Lido), 90 EUR/night

General Accommodation in Venice

Hotels in the neighbourhood of the Presidio Militare and San Marco
  • Hotel Palazzo Vitturi ***
  • Best Western Bisanzo ***
  • Hotel Casa Verardo ***
  • Pensione Wildner ***
  • Violino d’Oro ***
  • Hotel Flora ***
  • Hotel Gabrielli Sandwirth ****
  • Locanda Vivaldi ****
  • Liassidi Palace ****
  • Ca’ dei Conti ****
  • Hotel Santa Marina ****
  • Hotel Bonvecchiati ****
  • Hotel Savoia e Jolanda ****
  • Hotel Splendid Suisse ****
Other hotels in the neighbourhood of Sant'Elena
  • B&B Sant'Elena
  • B&B La Rosa dei Venti
  • Hotel Ca’Formenta, in Via Garibaldi – Castello area ***
  • Hotel Bucintoro, near to the Museo Navale ****