Time and Matter 2013 Speakers


Section I: Precision Time Measurements

Thomas Udem (Max-Planck Inst.)The Measurement of Time(Plenary lecture)
Gabriele Sirri (INFN Bologna/OPERA)Measurement of the neutrino velocity
with the OPERA detector in the CNGS beam
(Invited lecture)

Section II: The Evolution of Time

Antonio Masiero (Univ. Padova/INFN)Time-reversal violation
and the origin of matter in the Universe
(Plenary lecture)
Giuseppe Finocchiaro (INFN LNF/BaBar)Direct observation of time-reversal violation in B0 decays(Invited lecture)

Section III: The Origins of Mass, Higgs Boson

Peter Higgs (Univ. of Edinburgh)(Plenary lecture)
Wim de Boer (Univ. Karlsruhe/CMS)CMS Observation of a new boson at the LHC
and its implications for the origin of mass
(Invited lecture)
Marko Mikuž (J. Stefan Inst./ATLAS)The Higgs Hunt with ATLAS at LHC(Invited lecture)
George Wei-Shu Hou (Nat. Taiwan U.) Heavy Quarks, the Origin of Mass, and CP Violation for the Universe
Damiano Tommasini (U. of Debrecen) Higgs boson cross sections at LHC and open issues
James Wells (CERN) The Higgs boson and extra dimensions
Ruben Conceição (LIP/Auger) The Pierre Auger Observatory:
results on the highest energy particles

Section IV: Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Luca Amendola (Heidelberg Univ.)(Plenary lecture)
Subir Sarkar (Univ. of Oxford)Discovering dark matter (Invited lecture)
Jiro Matsumoto (Nagoya U.) Casimir effect as an explanation of dark energy

Section V: Matter and Gravity

Gerard 't Hooft (Utrecht Univ.) The Fate of the Quantum(Plenary lecture)
Elizabeth Winstanley (Univ. of Sheffield) (Invited lecture)
Chris Stoughton (Fermilab) Quantum Geometry and the Holometer Experiment
Seweryn Kowalski (U. of Silesia) NA61/SHINE experiment at the CERN SPS
Saeede Nafooshe (U. of Nova Gorica) Microscopic Black Holes and UHECRs(Student)

Section VI: Philosophical Perspectives

Christopher Smeenk (U. of Western Ontario) (Plenary lecture)
J. Brian Pitts (Univ. or Cambridge) Time and Fermions:
General Covariance vs. Ockham’s Razor for Spinors
(Invited lecture)

Time And Matter 2013 Timetable

The conference began on Monday, 4 March 2012, starting with registration from 08:00-10:00 and concluded on Friday, 8 March 2012 in the afternoon. The timetable, presentations and other details are available at INDICO. The preliminary timetable of the conference is as follows:

All lectures will be published as papers in the conference proceedings.