Time and Matter 2010 Agenda


Opening comments

Samo Stanic (University of Nova Gorica)
Predrag Stanisic (University of Montenegro)
Danilo Zavrtanik (University of Nova Gorica)

Section I: Matter and Dark Matter

Biljana Lakic (Inst. R. Boskovic and CERN) Search for solar axions with the CAST experiment proceeding
Borut Kersevan (Inst. J. Stefan / ATLAS) Prospects for Understanding the Nature of Matter with the ATLAS Detector
Wolfgang Adam (HEPHY Vienna / CMS) Overview of recent physics results from CMS
Gordana Medin(Univ. of Montenegro) Discovering bottom squark coannihilation at the ILC

Section III: Coherence, Decoherence and Entanglement

Salomon Mizrahi (Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos, Brasil) The qubits and the equations of physics proceeding

Section IV: CP and CPT Violation

Peter Krizan (Univ. of Ljubljana and JSI / Belle) CP Violation in B Meson Decays - Present and Future proceeding
Philipp Schmidt-Wellenburg (Paul Scherrer Inst.) Improved search for the neutron electric dipole moment proceeding
Tom Paul (Northeastern Univ.) The Pierre Auger Observatory: latest results and prospects for hunting non-perturbative physics proceeding 1, proceeding 2
Regis Lefevre (University Blaise Pascal / LHCb) LHCb Status and Prospects proceeding
Alexander Glazov (DESY) Measurement of Direct CP Violation, CPT Symmetry from the KTeV Experiment

Section V: Old and New Paradigms in Quantum Gravity

Matthias Blau (Univ. of Berne) Quantum Gravity & String Theory
Hermann Nicolai (MPI Potsdam) N=8 supergravity: an update
Albion Lawrence (Brandeis Univ.) Looking behind the horizon with D-brane probes
Nemanja Kaloper (UC Davis) Large Field Inflation

Section VI: The Universe - from the Big Bang to the Present

Jean-Christophe Hamilton (IN2P3-CNRS) Exploring the primordial Universe with CMB Polarization
Y. Jack Ng (University of North Carolina) Spacetime foam, holographic cosmology and mondian dark matter proceeding
Roberto Percacci (SISSA and INFN) Asymptotic safety
Osamu Tajima (KEK, Japan) QUIET Experiment
Marc Vonlanthen (Univ. of Geneva) Model independent constraints from the CMB
Lorenzo Seri (SISSA) Singularities and String Theory proceeding

Section VII: Philosophical Perspectives on Time and Fundamental Physics

Henrik Zinkernagel (Univ. of Granada) Cosmic time with quantum matter proceeding
Tina Bilban (IQOQI Vienna) Epistemic-ontic interpretation of quantum mechanics: quantum information theory and Husserl’s phenomenology proceeding

Time And Matter 2010 Timetable

The conference timetable is available at INDICO (full view, compact view). The lectures are published as papers in the conference proceedings.